Ethics Policy

The journal will  follow the COPE guidelines.  Harshwardhan publication has updated the policy on Publishing Ethics. Editor will publish guidelines about everything that is expected from to authors These guidelines should be regularly updated and should refer  to code of conduct. In line with the philosophy of the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE), we shall follow the principle that it’s our prime duty to maintain the integrity of the scientific record.

  • Authors should refrain from misrepresenting research results which could damage the trust of the journal, the professionalism of scientific authorship, and ultimately the entire scientific endeavor.
  • The manuscript has not been published previously (partly or in full), unless the new work concerns an expansion of previous work (please provide transparency on the re-use of material to avoid the hint of text-recycling (‘self-plagiarism’)
  • The web based tool can be used in the editorial process to identify matching text but it cannot, on its own, identify plagiarism.
  • Manual examination of the matching text is still required and judgment used to identify if plagiarism has occurred or not.

Plagiarism detection at an early stage may be helpful to:

  1. Educate authors who are less familiar with the ethics of publishing;
  2. Reduce the workload for editors and reviewers if ethical issues are resolved at an early stage
  • Editor decisions to accept or reject a paper for publication should be based on the paper’s importance, originality and clarity, and the study’s validity and its relevance to the remit of the journal
  • Editor should have systems to ensure that peer reviewers’ identities are protected unless they use an open review system that is declared to authors and reviewers.
  • to send reviewers’ comments to authors in their entirety unless they contain offensive or libelous remarks;
  • Editor should provide new editorial board members with guidelines on everything that is expected of them and should keep existing members updated on new policies and developments. Consulting editorial board members periodically (e.g. once a year) to gauge their opinions about the running of the journal, informing them of any changes to journal policies and identifying future challenges
  • Authors are strongly advised to ensure the correct author group, corresponding author, and order of authors at submission. Changes of authorship or in the order of authors are not accepted after acceptance of a manuscript.
  • Researchers should conduct their research from research proposal to publication in line with best practices and codes of conduct of relevant professional bodies and/or national and international regulatory bodies.
  • In rare cases it is possible that ethical issues or misconduct could be encountered in your journal when research is submitted for publication.(not clear)


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